Bedroom Makeover

Since this will be my first renovation blog post, I imagine it will be random and uninformative.  Please forgive.

This post is coming a bit late, as we completed the bedroom makeover in January, 2013.  That was after three long months on a mattress in the living room.

Since this was our fist attempt at remodeling, I don’t have many “before” photos, just a few from when we were in the process of remodeling.  Here is a before/after of the floor.  With 3 inside dogs, the carpet had to go.  Once that was pulled up, the tile underneath was hideous!


The flooring is TrafficMaster in Rosewood Ebony.  I recommend it to everyone.  It’s been very hard to scratch this flooring.  And so easy to install!  My husband and I breezed right through it.


What started this whole project was an idea I received from reading Kelly’s posts from View Along the Way (love following her posts!).  Removing popcorn ceiling was supposed to be tedious, but not impossible.  Just get a joint knife, wet the ceiling, scrape that crap off and prime/paint!  Well, it was not that easy for us.  I just knew this was going to be a quick weekend project.  Nope! I don’t know what the previous occupants did in this house, but popcorn ceiling was not it!  It’s as if exterior paint was just generously applied to all ceilings after “stomping” it.  It was terrible!

Nonetheless, we powered through.  After weeks of scraping and building up arm muscles I wasn’t aware I had, we saw the tiny light at the end of the tunnel.  We then applied joint compound all over the ceiling.  It was thick in some places, thin in others and very textured.  Made the scraping look pointless.  After that dried, we sanded and sanded…and sanded.  Got it flat to our satisfaction and primed/painted.




You can see around the ceiling fan it’s more textured.  That is a sensitive spot that will eventually be covered by that decorative thing that circles around the base, attached to the ceiling (the name escapes me).

That project took us to adding crown molding.  We figured if the ceiling looked badass, the crown molding would only add to that.

Danny was better at figuring out the angles, mitering them and putting them in place.  I basically came in afterwards and painted.


IMG_3130Here is an after shot:



We put the flooring down and added the base molding.  Caulked and painted the crown/base molding and moved our stuff back in!

It was a lengthy process, but neither of us had done anything like this before, so we wanted to make sure it was done right satisfactory to us.





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3 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

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    • Lauren March 12, 2014 at 1:05 pm Reply

      Thank you. I haven’t been doing it too long, and I enjoy trying to figure out all the codes/making it pretty. LOL

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