South Dakota!

Dad Ren & Susan

This is my dad and step-mom.  They are originally from Mississippi, but moved to South Dakota some years ago due to the heat.

They are the best.  They listen to me, they talk to me, they laugh with me.  They love me.  And, I love them.  They have been the best parents I could have asked for.  Because of my dad’s advice, I am more able/confident to handle debt and societal pressure to be buried in debt.  Thus, I have a great credit report and was able to buy a house at 22 years old.

My step-mom, Susan, is fantastic, too.  She’s always there to listen with a woman’s point of view and empathize with me.  She’s usually my go-to with girl problems.

My husband and I are visiting my parents in 6 weeks, 4 days (that’s 46 days)!!!  I am so excited!  I haven’t been to South Dakota in 4 years and I’ve missed it greatly.  Sure, my parents come to visit once a year, but it’s not the same.  We can’t just go riding down this winding road that houses herds of donkeys who patiently wait for you to stop so they can eat whatever you have in your hand.  We can’t go view sculptures of dead presidents or walk through caves.

Usually when they visit, I show them the progress made on our house, we go have a burger somewhere (Majestic Burger or Stamps has the best!) while trying to stay cool.  It’s hot down here, miserably hot.  They usually don’t visit in the summer.  Still, our winters can’t be described as “cold”.

So, we are very eager to get to south Dakota!  We’ve looked through brochures, visited websites and have talked with Dad and Susan about which attractions we want to visit.  Of course, Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower will be seen.  But, there will be so much more than that.  I plan on sleeping the least amount to take every bit of South Dakota in!  I can’t wait!  When I start thinking about visiting, I do a little dance that looks very similar to this:


See you soon, guys!

— Lauren


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