We Built a Pantry!

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We built a pantry! Before & After 24Aug2013

We have never hung drywall.  There was never a desire in either one of us to hang drywall.  But, it became necessary.  One bedroom had two doors, therefore one could be taken away.  We framed it, hung drywall and created a pantry in its space.  Here’s a before shot.


You can see there’s about 2.5 feet of space from the outside corner to that door.  This was the perfect spot for a pantry.

But, Danny and I held off as long as we could.  We dreaded drywall for various reasons:

1. We both work desk jobs.
2. We don’t have a truck.
3. We just recently learned it was called drywall and that Sheetrock is a name brand.
4. That required committing to a new project.

I had faith that two pieces of drywall would be sufficient for our project.  We drove to Home Depot, picked out what we wanted and had the width cut so it would easily slide in the backseat from the trunk.  *Side note: We’ve carted all sorts of lumber in the car.  We’ve realized we can fit the length of 10 feet from the back of the trunk to the dash.  

So, surely the 8 ft. sheet of drywall would fit.  We didn’t consider the fact that the drywall can’t just be shoved into the car as the lumber is.  Not wanting to break the pieces we just bought (and not wanting to ask for help), we pushed the driver/passenger seats as close to the front of the car as possible.  We were just barely able to fit the drywall in the car and close the trunk.  We were also just barely able to fit in the car.  For realsies – it was dangerous.  *Another side note: I don’t recommend that.  Find a friend with a truck or have it shipped.  The more you know.

We got it home, stood for a few minutes to get the feeling back in our legs and brought our new purchase inside.

Here is a shot of the first sheet hung.  Not too shabby, huh?

IMG_5109After the first piece was up, I found our confidence.  All of a sudden, it was as if we’d been doing this for years.  We instantly became professionals!

We hung the second piece and mudded both sides.

We began creating the frame for the pantry door.


Danny figured all the specifics out.  I just watched in amazement and figured how I was going to describe this new talent on my resume.

Anyway, we Danny got the frame up and we hung drywall on all sides.


I mudded the joints.  I have tried numerous times and still cannot figure out how to properly use joint tape.  If you’ve got pointers, let me know.

The mudding process is ongoing.  We were naughty this week and didn’t work on home projects after work – we immediately put our jammies on and watched Dr. Who.  Anyway, once we got the frame built, we added the door jamb.  We recycled the jamb from the door that was taken off (in the first picture).  The door was too wide for the frame we built, so we had to purchase a new one.  However, the jamb worked perfectly fine.  I just need to paint it now.

IMG_5149Once the door jamb was built, we added the door casings and measured for the pantry shelves.  Danny figured out an ingenious way to have sufficient shelving and adequate space for the broom, mop, ferret/dog/cat food.


We can’t take all the credit, however, as I found a great go-by at In My Own Style.  I loved the idea of ribbon lining the shelves.

Once Danny got the shelves built, I added the ribbon and strung Christmas lights around the door frame.  We found this sweet foot switch last minute and it was perfect!  Also, I found some containers that had been lying around. I attached some velcro to them and the back of the door and hung my spices up!  It worked out perfectly!


This was a fun, weekend project (the pantry, not the drywall) that didn’t cost too much.  We would have finished it sooner if we weren’t too busy watching The Doctor travel through time.  EXTERMINATE!

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