Tool Shed Clean-Up and Miley Cyrus Looks Like an Ass

So, there seems to be a lot of hype over what happened on the VMAs last night.  Everyone’s talking about Miley’s horrible wardrobe and her twerking and I’m over here like:

Morgan Freeman

I don’t care!  My husband and I spent our evening organizing our laundry room/tool shed.

The house was built decades ago, before people got too privileged and needy.  The laundry room is connected to the house, but you access it from outside, meaning you have to walk outside our kitchen, be in the wide open spaces, and walk in the laundry room.

It is also our tool shed.  We have a huge shed out back that currently houses my husband’s Camaro and various other items we couldn’t part with.  Our house had a back door at one point, but it was enclosed and a window was put in its place.  Therefore, we keep our tools in the shed 5 feet from the kitchen door. We can justify our neediness here, though.  It’s way too hot to be traipsing back and forth to the big shed out back for our daily-necessary tools. 🙂

We spend half of our “project” time trying to locate our tools.  That becomes frustrating when you’ve been working for hours straight and need to stop just to find the tool you need.  We just had to remedy this.  I couldn’t handle it any longer.

There isn’t really a “before” picture, showcasing the mess that was the tool shed.  We got too excited and started moving everything out before we remembered to capture it.  Here is a before shot after everything was cleaned out:



We gathered 6 peg boards, the hardware for it and put it all up.  It was simple putting it together, the trouble came in trying to find a perfect spot for our tools.  I tried to group like items, but got annoyed after a while and just placed things the closest to where I was standing.

Here is our after shot:



I’d like to say that after we finished, I was dancing around in excitement like Bobby Hill here (who mirrors Miley’s VMA performance perfectly)…

Bobby Hill

… but my feet hurt so bad from the pantry project and after standing around organizing tools, I just couldn’t do it.  Instead, I filled my foot spa up with hot water and lavender baby oil and let those puppies soak while I began watching season two of Doctor Who.

Dr. Who

Back on the Miley issue, here is an article that I found absolutely hilarious.  Trust me – you’ll laugh.

Hoping to be working on removing tile and exposing concrete in the hall this week.  I’ll update soon!



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2 thoughts on “Tool Shed Clean-Up and Miley Cyrus Looks Like an Ass

  1. Sarah Angleton September 14, 2013 at 6:21 am Reply

    Any post that features the dancing of Bobby Hill is a win in my book. And, I, too, care far more about your shed reorganization project than I do about Miley Cyrus 🙂

  2. laurenmississippi September 14, 2013 at 10:28 am Reply

    Thanks! Glad to know I’m not alone in that!

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