Mississippi State Fair

There is something about this time of year.  Some people refer to it as “Fall.”  I refer to it as “State Fair Time.”

State Fair

As a child, I loved the fair.  As an adult, my feelings haven’t changed.  I hold so many memories there.  For two years, I worked 2 blocks from the fair.  My coworker/friend, Shannon, and I would walk there during our lunch break.  We didn’t always ride the rides or eat the food, but we always enjoyed the atmosphere:

People walking around smiling, laughing, enjoying the greasy fair food; the carnies hollering at you to play at their booth; the smell of elephant ears covered in powdered sugar.
I drool just thinking about it.

State Fair 2

This is my favorite time of year!  The time of year when the days get shorter and the darkness falls while I’m still at work.  During the first two weeks of October, the fairgrounds are lit up, lighting the interstate traffic.  It’s a beautiful sight.

This year, we went with Trey (the health nut mentioned here), Ashley and their children:

State Fair 3

They are a fun family and we had a blast strolling through the midway with them this year.

I will just leave you with some pictures from the evening:

State Fair 12 MS State Fair  The Hughes  The DeFords The Hughes 2 The Hughes 6 The Hughes 9 The Hughes 10 The Hughes 16 The Hughes 21 The Hughes 24 The Hughes 23 The Hughes 25 The Hughes 17  State Fair 9 State Fair 10

State Fair 2013 was a success!

Now it’s time to pack and get ready for South Dakota! 


**Note:  All picture credit goes to Danny.


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