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DIY Chalk Paint!

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Weekend Green Thumbs!

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It’s warming up!

That  means it’s time to bring those potted plants back outside to soak up the sun.  It’s also time to get some color in our flower bed!

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Dropped off the Face of the Earth

…is evidently what I’ve done.

I would like to tell you all about how I’ve been too busy around the house with super cool DIY projects to update the blog.

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Nursery Update: The Hard Part’s Over!

I am in love with this room!

Nursery 1
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Hello, 2014!

We welcome you!  2013 was a wonderful year and we’re certain 2014 will be just as grand.

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A Lauren Original: DIY Coffee Table or How “Community” Understands Me

Woodworking runs in the McCoy family.  I’ve recently gained an interest in its art form.  Danny and I have dabbled here and there, building a simple plant stand for the four plants we had in 2012, then again when we built a better plant stand for our 25 plants we kept alive in 2013.

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A Lauren Original: Francesca, a Creepy Nurse

I like to paint.  I’m not great at it, but I enjoy it.

Art 1

This is one of the few “originals” that I have.
Usually I just try to mimic what I see on the Internet.

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