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10 Things to Keep you from Peeing on a Stick Too Soon…

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That Time I Ranted on the Internet

I try to keep my opinions regarding social issues to myself on the Internet.  I share my opinions with those who already know me personally and are aware of my good intentions.

However, consider this my first Internet rant.

The situation:

This weekend, I saw a child, no older than 10 years old, wearing a black “Piko” (I just found out what a Piko is – I thought it was just classified as a large shirt), some Aztec leggings, fur boots, carrying a purse on her shoulder and had a smart phone in her hand as she walked through Home Depot.  I looked up to see her mother who was wearing the same thing, just different colors.

Now, these people have done nothing to me directly.  Their existence doesn’t affect mine.  This is not meant to offend or pass judgment, but to invoke conversation.

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Pushing Through After a Miscarriage

**Heads-Up:   This post contains references to (not pictures of) God, sex and blood.  If you are easily offended, I will direct you here.**


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