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Port Gibson & Natchez, Mississippi

This weekend we took a trip to Port Gibson and Natchez, Mississippi, visiting Grand Gulf Military Park, Windsor Ruins and Longwood.  Here are a some pictures of said trip:

Grand Gulf Military Park:




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The McCoys

Today, I just want to share some pictures of the McCoys.

Grandma and Papaw McCoy

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South Dakota Vacation: Day 4

Today we drove through Fairburn – not much there.  But, we found one cool looking building and an outside tub.


SD 4-2

SD 4-3
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South Dakota Vacation: Day 3

Wednesday, we had a blast!

SD 3-1

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South Dakota Vacation: Day 2

Tuesday, many roads were still shut down from the storm so we decided to stay local.  We visited The Mammoth Site and Pioneer Museum.

After that, Susan showed me how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch (yum).  Then, we drove through neighborhoods, walked through the park and played around at the house.

SD 2-7
The Mammoth Site

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South Dakota Vacation: Day 1

After our vacation got delayed due to an unforeseen blizzard that attacked South Dakota, we were more than ready to get there.  We were told the Rapid City airport should open by 8 p.m. Sunday.  We hopped on our first flight.

Once we finally got to Dallas Sunday evening, we were informed that our flight to Rapid City had been cancelled.

Rapid City

Rapid City didn’t care about our vacation.

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Mississippi State Fair

There is something about this time of year.  Some people refer to it as “Fall.”  I refer to it as “State Fair Time.”

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